Test Taker Panel

Test Taker Panel refers to Candidate Panel i.e ExamNode having a separate Candidate panel on which the candidate login with their valid credential. In the candidate panel, there are separate classifications of active, upcoming, missed, and completed tests according to their assigning start date & time and end date & time. There are separate sections for paper-based tests assigned by admin and a detailed report section of each exam after generated and published the result and permitted by the authorized administrator

Dynamic Categories and Classifications

There are separate categories and classification of each exam according to their start date & time and end date & time and attempt status of all tests which was assigned by an authorized administrator. There are separate classification listings as Active, Completed, Missed, upcoming. Active having a listing of exams which end date & time does not expire and didn’t make any attempt. Completed listing of exam which end date & time does not expire but take a single attempt. Missed listing of exams which end date & time is expired. Upcoming listing of exam which start date & time is upcoming

Prompt Notification

ExamNode having a prompt notification of assigning test or assign package by authorized administration i.e when any computer-based test, paper-based test, survey assigning to a candidate then a prompt notification send to the candidate panel which appears in the notification alert section. Notification helps candidate for examination alert. Notification alert appear to all assigned candidate when the exam is assigned by administrator

Detailed Transparent Interpretation

When a candidate takes a single attempt, and the administrator generated and publish the result candidates can easily monitor their progress and analyze their examination performance with student performance report which includes subject detailed report and scorecard in form of graphical and pie chart representation with various parameters such as correct answer, incorrect answer, taking time, obtained marks and much more. On a single page, the candidate view the 360-degree view of all detailed report

Test Screen

When the test starts or begins the anti-cheating test screen appears at the candidate panel which is specially designed and developed for the ambitious set of candidates preparing for recruitment, competitive examination, etc. Precise color combination, question palette, general instruction, previous and next button, change the status of question attempt, not attempt, review, and much more features are used during taking the test.

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