Survey Management

Survey Management is the process of collecting, aggregating, and analyzing the responses from individuals, here ExamNode fulfill all needed requirement for gather information The basic process is conducting or scheduling sets of questionnaires, polls, and quizzes. Moreover, the comprehensive reports aggregates survey data and enable the exploration and evaluation of survey findings that give valuable insights and allowing you to take better informed business decision for your organisation.

Dynamic Lead Forms

Dynamic Forms is currently only available in two types single page form and wizard form. The technique is particularly useful as you can have different formats of inputs for different requirements. According to requirement, users can create dynamic forms with different types of fields like input, textarea, select, radio, number, date, star rating, file upload, and much more at a single platform. According to your requirement ExamNode having more than expected features for conducting or scheduling a Survey.

Form Settings

After creation of Dynamic Form for scheduling a survey according to user requirement, users change the survey settings in which survey form type i.e public or privacy, the appearance of dynamic form, SMS gateway, Email Gateway, Email invitation, unique username which is dynamically created at the time of each registration, These Form Settings is essential for the survey process which will manage the scheduling of survey and becomes more easier to conducting a survey.

Form Association With Survey

According to user requirements for scheduling and conducting a survey, ExamNode having all types of questions like multiple responses, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, subjective type, and much more questions type, which is used to create a survey. After creating dynamic forms, you can easily form associations with surveys for collecting survey candidate information. Form Association with survey helpful for collecting or fetch survey candidate details and you can associate a dynamic form within few clicks.

Candidate & Employee Association With Survey

A multinational organization or any educational institute that wants to conducting or scheduling a survey for their candidate and employee to improve candidate and employee performance or improve their business productivity, ExamNode reduces the time consumption of conducting or scheduling a survey and within few clicks you can create survey, associate a survey to candidate or employee, and automatically generate a report after submission of survey to get better insights.

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