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Get Next School Choice as ERP for education instutions, that helps you taking decisions, manage accounting, reduce noise between staff and parents, make students updated about academic activities, and helps students in increasing potential.

Assessment for Education Institute

Online Assessments can be useful to conduct online entrance exams, internal exams, university exams, online aptitude tests. Do you want to use technology to automate Pen and paper-based Tests? Are you exploring the option of digital assessments for your educational institution? Many universities/ institutes are using online assessment tools to enhance and improve their examination structure.

Assessment for Corporates

These tests can vary based on industry, position, and skills required, but tests generally evaluate both your core competencies and your soft skills. Exam Node can take a number of forms, such as a panel interview, software/skills assessment, case study, written test, or timed assignment.

Managing Online Entrance Exam for Education

Online examination is conducting a test online to measure the knowledge of the participants on a given topic. With Exam Node students can do the exam online, in their own time, with their own device, regardless of where they live. You only need a browser and an internet connection.

Online Assessment for Training Institutes

Online assessments consist of several tests or questionnaires to be completed by the candidate. Depending on the position you have applied for, various abilities and characteristics are evaluated. For example, an online assessment could consist of memory and concentration tests, as well as language skill tests.

Online Test Series

An online test series is the mock test or practice test that is taken up by candidates as a part of studying. Online Test Series is an online assessment tool which will help students to evaluate their preparedness for the final exams.

Analyze Exam Results

Exam Node support effective Results Analysis which will help you understand how your students are learning, and how they have performed in each area of the syllabus. The information will help you identify overall trends in your school's performance and provide constructive feedback for individual students.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Psychometric Tests

A psychometric test is a standardized test that measures characteristics such as intelligence, aptitude, memory, or personality. Psychometric testing is commonplace in several industries and disciplines, including the social sciences, employment, education and business.

Conduct Tests in Multiple Languages

Exam Node support a facility to define questions in any of the languages, Question editor supports multiple languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German, etc. You can define questions in any language as per your requirement.

Create, secure and re-use backups

Exam Node is an online test platform where one can create and preserve data for future reference. Export the data such as Questions, candidates, groups and sections in a popular file formats such as Microsoft Excel, CSV and reports can be exported in PDF. This data can also be shared with anyone easily. Sharing and preserving of the valuable data are made possible with minimum efforts. When needed back, the same Data can be imported to the system by a single click.

Award certificates to the toppers

Craft your certificates and customize with the best certificate maker by adding logo, text, background, signature and score. Send different certificates according to the score to the candidates at a pre-defined criteria.

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