Data Security is the first priority of ExamNode which ensure administrator and other users protects their privacy and protect the privacy of each candidate i.e end to end encryption. An authorized administrator can access the whole portal. Data will be managed and secured by a team of experts. 256-bit encryption is used for password protection, mobile number, and email address. Secured multi-payment gateways use with triggered notification channels


Generally, SSL stands for Secured Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates a secured encrypted link between a web server and web browser. To keep user’s information private and secure ExamNode adds SSL certificates to their user portal. Streamlined IP platform to access an interactive interface of this online examination system with regularly checked and monitored to smoothen up and simplify your overall usage experience, the selected IP is consistently monitored to ensure a hassle-free exposure


ExamNode having a high-performance managed server for easy management and instantaneous analysis of each candidate's performance using well-maintained server assembly. The server is the computer that is providing information or services to their client's computer. A server is essential in providing all services that are needed across a network, server has a fantastic ability to stores all the files centrally

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