Result Generation

Result Generation is an essential process of evaluation of the performance of a candidate i.e when conducting or scheduling an examination like the traditional method after result generation administration evaluates the performance of candidate and on the basis of the result, administration evaluates the rank, merit list and overall candidate performance. ExamNode support more than expected features of result generation and overall analysis reports of online exams according to user requirement

Exam Result Generation

According to the traditional method of result generation of exams, ExamNode reduces the time consumption of result generation i.e within a single click you can generate a result of each exam and after generating you can publish the result within a single click. You can generate results for each attempt of each exam i.e when you want to generate a result for only a single candidate you will generate it. According to user necessary need ExamNode fulfill more than expected requirements in every module or sub-module

Answer Correction & Modify Result

When you want to any modification or update in already created generated result, ExamNode having features of modification result for each candidate or more than a single candidate i.e after result generation if you want to changes in corrected answer or modify result according to the traditional method ExamNode rescues the time consumption for modifications and reduces the human cost error within a few clicks authorized administration modify the generated result easily

Merging result for Online/ Offline

For result generation, you can merge the result of a computer-based test or paper-based test i.e let us take an example of a Science Exam in which the candidate is assigned a computer-based test and paper-based test for theoretical exam and practical exam. After taking both computer-based or paper-based tests the result is generated of both types of tests. ExamNode having a feature of merging the result for computer-based or paper-based test type of each candidate or more than a single candidate within a few clicks

Export Result Data

After Result generation authorized administration able to export the result data in CSV, excel format within a single click i.e if you want to locally save or print the generated result from the ExamNode portal you can easily export the result data in your local system in excel or CSV format which is used for future reference. There are several benefits of exporting the result data to administration like evaluation the performance of the candidate, print the result, local storage in your system etc

Auto Ranking

According to the traditional method of conducting or scheduling an exam and then evaluation of the performance of candidate based on the generated result or overall rank based on total marks obtained by the candidate which compare with all candidates who took a test. ExamNode having a feature of generated auto ranking according to requirement i.e when a result is generated of each exam for multiple candidates, rank is generated based on overall exam performance or based on subject/ topic wise performance

Merit List

Merit List will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in exam i.e in merit list a list of the candidate with higher grades or maximum obtained marks in the exam which compare with all candidates to get one’s top candidate name on the merit list. After the result generation, a merit list will be generated in which according to the candidate's obtained marks ordering in descending order. ExamNode reduces the time consumption when generated merit list and reduces the cost of human error

Allot Bonus Marking

Allot Bonus Marking refers to add bonus marks and penalty marks i.e when the user is scheduling or conducting an exam ExamNode supports the features of the addition of advanced rules for bonus marking and penalty marks. When a candidate takes the test, according to the test rule portal allot the bonus marks and penalty marks to the candidate, and when the result is generated the bonus marks and penalty marks appear with their reasons

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