Reporting System

Advance reporting system refers to overall analysis of exam and each candidate or group of candidate performance in which detailed clarity over the marks obtained in each subject, marks analysis according to questions, and much more. ExamNode reporting system will provide an in-depth outlook of the candidate performance and depth overall analysis each exam associated with single candidate or more than one candidate & having a 360 degree view of all activities

Exam Live Status Report

In Exam Live Status Report authorized users can view the exam live status report of each exam and depth analysis report of particular exam i.e how many candidate start their exam, how many not started their exam, total candidate assigning to exam, how many completed their tests, status detail report and much more i.e user can view the live report and depth details of activities of each candidate within few clicks. ExamNode having the features of excel export of detailed report

Candidate Exam Analysis

In Candidate Exam Analysis report user can view the detailed report of each candidate or more than single candidate. An administration can easily fetch the details of exam reports using various selection filter of either registration number or candidate name. This report includes test wise analysis report enlist with marks obtained, correct answer, incorrect answer, not attempted, partially corrected, attempt status, result status and much more

Overall Exam Analysis

When a user wants to view a detailed or depth report of each exam or more than single exam, ExamNode having a Overall Exam Analysis report in which number of assigned candidate, no of attempted by, no of not-attempted by, result details, maximum marks, average marks, topper marks and much more report details. Filter searching of exam name, course name, batch name, candidate name will reduce the time consumption and reduces the human cost error for finding reports. The excel export functionality of report also having a in-built feature in ExamNode solution

Question Report

Question report will help in-depth analyzing the generated record of a particular question in a particular test or exam. The administrator can be using the filter search of exam name, course name, batch name and determine the candidate responses. In Question Report listing all the questions included in the test with complete details of correct, incorrect, not attempted, partially correct. The produced report will help the administrator to analyze the difficulty level of the assigned questions

Candidate Exit Analysis

Candidate exit analysis report refers to the analysis report of on which question candidate appear when the candidate exit the test i.e in the graphical and tabular representation of the report with the total counts of each question. Let us take an example of candidate ‘Arihant’ exit the test at question no 13 and the total question in test is 25, on the other hand, a candidate ‘Ayush’ exit the test at question no 13 , so in the candidate exit analysis report exit count of question no 13 is 2

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