Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management is the process of recruiting and selecting employees, it includes various process for hiring a candidate, here ExamNode fulfill all needed requirement for recruitment process The basic process is conducting or scheduling examination or qualifying test in private organization for recruitment process or evaluation process, Scheduled entrance exam or qualifying test for hiring fresher or experienced employee work with their organization, through single integrated software solution that fulfill all your requirements

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is currently only available in two types single page form and wizard form. The technique is particularly useful as you can have different formats of inputs for different requirements. Each dynamic form has it's own sharable link that can be shared directly or by sending invitations on email. Dynamic form has its own privacy i.e. Public and Private, privacy could be changed according to use. Invitation sending facility is only available in case form is having Private privacy.

Form Settings

After Creation of Dynamic Form for recruitment procedure according to user requirement, users change the recruitment form settings in which form privacy, form link, SMS gateway, Email Gateway, Email verification, Require registered email address, require access code, Email invitation, unique username which is dynamically created at the time of each registration.
These Form Settings is essential for recruitment process for security purpose of recruitment process

Association With Jobs

Creating and managing job descriptions doesn't have to be painful. You can easily create multiple Job Descriptions here. Link recruitment dynamic forms created with job so that you can track the analytics for a job. A job can be link with multiple forms according to user requirements. ExamNode having a feature of creating of the complete Job description and associated the job description to a single or more than one recruitment form for hiring a candidate.

Candidate Association

For the recruitment process, you need to scheduling or conducting an exam and you need to creation of recruitment groups for assigning candidates to exams. According to Form settings, forms with public privacy can have only one group and forms with private privacy can have multiple groups. You will be able to assign multiple candidates into a single group. Candidate association is an essential part of the recruitment exam scheduling process.

Public And Private Privacy

Various Multinational Company's recruitment processes are separated from each other i.e for hiring a candidate organization needs privacy, only a selected or particular candidate be a part of the recruitment process. In ExamNode Recruitment module Dynamic form has its own privacy i.e. Public and Private privacy. The privacy of dynamic forms could be changed according to needed requirements. For Invitation, sending facility is only available in case the form is having Private privacy.

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