Question Bank

Allows users to create a question bank by adding various questions according to its requirement, and having functionality to add various question types like multiple choice questions, multiple response questions, fill in the blanks, match the following, comprehension type, match matrix, and subjective. In ExamNode Software Question Bank Management also has many of its own features as topic categorization, default grade, penalty, different marking pattern, question types, hint, solution, multi-language support, editor support, image upload and much more.

Question Types

There is various type of questions used in Question Paper as multiple choice questions, multiple response questions, fill in the blanks, match the following, match matrix, subjective, assertion and reason type, true or false, integer type, one-word type, yes or no type and associate a limitless number of questions with different question types in your question bank according to requirement.

Question Tagging

Question Tags are used to categorize questions and have smooth searching while adding questions in exams or in the question lists.
Consider the example: the user can bookmark questions of competitive papers like IIT 2006, PMT 2012, TOEFL, recruitment drives, etc. Easily filter the questions defined with a particular tag i.e from thousands of listing of questions in question bank when creating an exam you will be search or filter the questions by using question tag.

Image Uploading In Questions

When the questions are added to the question bank there is an option for editing and formatting your questions according to your requirement or demand. ExamNode software solution allows to addition of images in questions and if the question type is multiple choice or multiple responses there is an option for allowing the addition of images in selective options. You can simply copy the image to your clipboard and simply paste the image in a particular question and their selective.

Multi-Level Hierarchy In Subjects

ExamNode Software offers a multi-level hierarchy in subjects i.e define a subject up to subsection definition. Let us consider an example of creating a subject of Science in which 1st subsection is Physics, 2nd subsection is Chemistry and 3rd subsection is Biology. Easy customization of the assessment is allowed i.e User can add multiple subjects for a single parent subject at a single time. ExamNode software provides more than expected features that will fulfill the user requirement at any platform.

Equation Building In Questions

ExamNode software solution supports all mathematical tools, able to insert images, able to insert chemical equations when you add questions in the question bank. All questions in the question bank are inserted using a mathematical formula, equations, and special mathematical symbols also uses chemical equations instead of uses images of those mathematical parameters or chemical equation which are difficult and more time consuming to create, edit and maintain.

Solution And Hint

In ExamNode Software solution, when you add questions in the question bank and if you want to add a solution or add hint to each question you can easily add hint text or solution text to each question. When the exam begins the added hint text or solution text will appear to candidates which will be helpful for taking an exam. There are various setting when user create an exam in which one of them Show Hint or Show Solution is used for added show hint text or solution text will appear or not to candidate.

Defining Difficulty Level Of Questions

When adding questions in the question bank, ExamNode provides a feature of assigning the difficulty level of question for each question according to question difficulty level. You can assign the question difficulty level i.e the question level is very easy, easy, moderate, difficult or very difficult. Also when you create an exam you will be addition questions to the exam easily by filter search of difficulty level according to requirement.

Partial Marking

Partial grading is one of the grading processes, with which you can award points to candidates for selecting a single correct answer or all correct answers. Generally, Partial grading can be used when you create Multiple responses, match following, match matrix, fill in the blanks types. In such cases, if you have selected partial grading, the candidate will then be automatically awarded certain points for choosing an answer, which is partially correct.

Import Questions

When you want thousands of questions to add in a question bank then importing questions functionality which will reduce the headache of the user i.e within a few clicks user easily add thousands of questions. From an excel format file users upload thousands of questions with the same settings of question. ExamNode reduces the consumption of timing and gives the best performance according to user requirement.

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