Online Sheet Checking

ExamNode having an advanced feature of Online Sheet Checking in which the authorized user reviews or checks the sheets of paper-based examination at any time, anywhere, and on the basis of checking the user gives the marks for each question, each attempt, each exam. When the user uses the feature of Online sheet Checking feature there it reduces the time consumption and reduces the human cost error. The candidate also review their review or checked sheets by authorized admin at any time or anywhere

Image Uploading In Exam

For a Paper-Based test when the candidate takes the test and completed the test, the answer or solution is on paper as the name is a paper-based test. In the ExamNode portal candidates upload the solution paper on the portal by clicking their answer or solution images on each page. Candidate must follow the rules of uploading images like jpg, png format, number of images, etc. If candidate facing any problem while uploading their solution images, candidate contact to admin and here admin also upload the candidate solution images within few clicks

Online Per Paper Checking

After Uploading Answer or solution sheets by each candidate authorized administration can review or checks the answer or solution sheets by using pen- paper checking on your system i.e like the traditional method of pen-paper checking of sheets ExamNode supports the feature of pen-paper checking of uploading answer sheets or solution sheets within few clicks. According to user requirement user change the pen color, rotate the uploaded image, zoom in feature and much more. After checking you will modification or update in checked results also

Answer Sheet Display

After review or checking the answer sheets or solution sheets by authorized administration, the checked sheets also appear at the candidate side after checking by the candidate. Like the traditional method of answer sheet display ExamNode displays the feature of answer sheet display at the candidate panel within few clicks and reduces the time of consumption in it. Answer sheet display ensures the candidate satisfaction of generated result and assigning marks on it

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