Exam Creation

For scheduling or conducting exam, you need to create a test from your existing questions in your question bank. ExamNode having more than expected value added test settings like question randomization, option randomization, test view settings, language settings and multi assigning options in it.
Within simple or few steps you can create a test and according to your requirement associate it with candidate and generate or publish result to administration or candidate.

Exam Types

ExamNode supports various test types according to user requirement user choose the test type and associated value added settings in it. Like Computer Based Test type , Paper Based Test type , Adaptive Learning Question wise test type you can create test as per your requirement. ExamNode having an feature of support Comprehension type test with different languages or with uploaded images i.e within few steps or few clicks you will create a test according to your needed type.

Test Templates

When you want to create multiple test with same value added test setting for all multiple test, then you will create a test only single time as a template and use it for multiple creation of test in future. ExamNode support sample templates have been designed using in-depth analysis of different layouts and formats. Test template reduces the time consumption of creation of test and reduces the cost of human error i.e within few clicks you will create multiple test with same test settings.


When the test begins at candidate panel, instructions are essential to state and explain the guidelines that should be mandatory followed by the candidate to attempt the test which involves providing clarity to marking scheme, time duration of test, test language, and some general instruction for candidate like use of calculator or digital device is prohibited. You can add general instruction in different language as per your requirement.


For prevention from cheating test having support create multiple sets of each exam according to your requirement. Like traditional method of conducting and scheduling of exam with multiple set ExamNode also support create multiple set features of same exam in Test setting and when the multiple candidate attempt the test the randomly sets appear for different candidate which reduces the cheating activity and reduces the headache of administration for scheduling exam fairly.

Time Limits

Time is the main priority of conducting and scheduling an exam. ExamNode support the current date and time scheduling there is fixed time limit according to user which follow the current date and time and there is no redundance of secondson test start date & time and on test end date & time. ExamNode also support slot wise timing which means there are separate test start date & time and test end date & time for separate candidate group, also there are advance valued add timing setting.

Advance Settings

For test creation there are value added setting used, stay one-step ahead to redefine your examination experience raise the difficulty, protection from cheating activity, controlled atmosphere and much more. When the test begins there is restriction of change the window, restriction of move to previous question, restriction of using of copy & paste answers, restriction of showing question palette i.e there is advanced setting and unexpected features for you that will reduces the cost of human error.

Exam Links

You can scheduling a exam for candidate and assigning through generated test code, candidate will attempt the test through this generated test code. There is a value added setting option when you scheduling or conducting an exam, there is setting of create an exam link if you enable the setting then you will add a test link code in it for assigning a exam. There is unique test link code for each test which identify each test and provide security.

Exam Assigning

Exam Assigning is an essential process of scheduling and conducting an exam, you can assign multiple candidates with more than a single exam within a few clicks. According to your requirement user can create candidate groups of the candidates preparing for similar courses and easily assign the created test or exam to a candidate group that constituting multiple candidates. After assigning the exam appearing at candidate panel and the details of the exam.


Proctoring in Online Exam is testing overseen by an authorized, neutral, proctor who ensures the identity of the candidate and reviews the activity of the candidate while taking a test or the integrity of the test-taking environment. Proctored exams are timed exams that you take while proctoring software monitors your computer desktop or system along with webcam video and audio. The recorded data during taking the test by candidates are transferred to an authorized admin for review.

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