Generally, Certificate is a document that certifies that a candidate has received specific education or passed a test series of tests. Like the traditional method of giving a certificate after completing a specific course or after passed in any exam. ExamNode having the functionality of creating, generating, or assigning a certificate to each or multiple candidates for specific achievements according to user requirement

Dynamic Ceritificate Templates

ExamNode supports the creation of certificate templates dynamically i.e according to user requirement user can create their own certificate template like user can set their certificate template height, width, certificate background image, Text on the certificate, text properties, image properties and much more i.e according to user need user can create their own certificate template within few clicks. When you want to modification or changes in created certificate template you can be able to changes in template design also

Certificate Generation

After Dynamically Template creation you can generate a certificate for a single or group of candidates of the same dynamic template within a few clicks i.e according to user requirement user can generate a certificate or download a certificate of the selected template. Certificate generation for each candidate is helpful to motivate or encourage them to give their best performance in future tests or courses. Users can be able to download the generated certificate or preview it

Certificate Generation By CSV

Advanced feature of Certificate Generation by CSV refers to user can generate a certificate for single candidate or more than one candidate through uploaded CSV file. Let us take an example of creating a template dynamically and create a dynamic ‘candidate name’ field and on other hand, in CSV file there is column name ‘candidate name’, then according to name in CSV file all certificate is generated

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