Candidate Management

Candidates can be added manually one by one or in bulk using import. Candidates can be associated with the course and stream if needed. Minimum fields are defined as mandatory. New fields that are not in form can be added using custom fields option. Email and password will be used for login in the candidate portal. For deletion both single and bulk candidates can be deleted at once. Columns shown in data table can be changed using Column List.

Add And Import Candidates

In ExamNode Software solution when you want to add thousands of candidates then import functionality reduces the headache of the user and reduces the time consumption. Administrators easily add more than one candidate within a few clicks, by default template users can upload candidate details according to needed fields. After importing and uploading the excel file if the file having any error issues portal provides the error file and uploaded file which will be helpful for the admin.

Add Dynamic Field

Dynamic Fields are a feature that can be used to quickly pull in Candidate Details, such as hobbies & interest, company name, job title, address line 1, address lin2, postal code, etc i.e according to your requirement users will be able to add a custom field for add candidate details. These dynamic fields are visible when you want to add a candidate or import a candidate. You can create various types of fields as input, number, textarea, select, checkbox, date and much more.

Export Candidate Data

According to your requirement of a specific field, you will easily export the candidate data from the portal within in few clicks, the transported candidate data in the form of an excel file downloaded in your local system
Illustrating an example; a candidate preparing for GRE 2015 has registered for the assessments of the same year, so now if the admin wants to check the record from prior saved data can easily track the necessary details.

Can Assign To Course And Batch

After Candidate registration, user easily assigned each candidate in a particular course and batch. ExamNode provides multiple assigning i.e a single candidate assign to multiple courses and their batches at a single time according to user requirement. Courses and batch association with candidate helpful for administrator and user in examination management, package management, result management.

Candidate Groups

A candidate Group is a group that has one or more than one candidate who was assignee by authorized administration. This candidate group uses when you create an exam then after the creation and publishing process of the exam that particular exam is assigned to a particular candidate group which means that the exam only appears for a candidate that candidate was assigned to the candidate group. Using candidate groups is helpful for assign exams to the selected candidates.

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